Introducing Quantique Marketing Solution (QMS), a comprehensive platform that redefines insurance operations by providing effortless campaign management and compliant payments.


Online Life Cycle Marketing Management Solution that allows insurance companies to manage their campaigns and payments with absolute ease. Transparency and compliance are guaranteed.

Process Flow

  • ⦁ CICA – Connect, Integrate, Consume & Analyze
  • ⦁ Compliance
  • ⦁ Payment
  • ⦁ MIS & Reporting
  • ⦁ Branding

Insurance Company Objectives

Prompt Partner Payments

Our goal is to ensure swift partner payments to incentivize and attract more business.

Proactive Marketing Validation

We seek to proactively and predictively manage and validate marketing campaign data, enabling informed decision-making across all business units.

Responsive Scalability

We aim to provide a responsive, flexible, and scalable application that can adapt to the dynamic requirements of the insurance industry environment.

Solutions Overview