Renewal Prediction Model

Explore our Renewal Prediction Model services, where we leverage historical data and advanced algorithms to drive policy renewal optimization.

We tackle challenges such as data pre-processing and algorithm selection, ensuring personalized marketing, price optimization, and customer segmentation.

Here’s how we’re leveraging data-driven insights to make smarter decisions for brands.


  • ⦁ Identify the drivers impacting policy renewal
  • ⦁ Develop a machine learning model to identify policies that are likely to get renewed and those that have a low chance of getting renewed
  • ⦁ Price optimization
  • ⦁ Personalized marketing
  • ⦁ Customer segmentation


  • • Data pre-processing
  • • Understanding how different algorithms (math) work
  • • Choosing the right algorithm for the right problem
  • • Deciding the right properties for the algorithm
  • • Re-training the algorithm with new data

How Did We Achieve This?


Model Development & Selection